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Internet Marketing is King

While it’s no secret that we’re facing a more difficult real estate market this year, we thought it was very important that we keep sellers up to date on some valuable statistics.


The “2008 Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers” provided by the National Association of Realtors again reports that 87 percent of buyers reported that they used the internet as one of several information sources during the buying process.  The second most frequently cited information source was a real estate agent, used by 85% of buyers, and the third most popular source was yard signs at 62%.


The report then gives further statistics on “Where the Buyer Found the Home they Purchased”, and we would like to share the results with you for last year:


Real Estate Agent                                 34%

Internet                                                 32

Yard Sign                                             15

Friend, Relative or Neighbor                  7

Home Builder                                         7

Print Newspaper                                    3

Knew the Sellers                                    2

Home Magazine                                     1


Notice the above report shows the top three sources are Real Estate Agent, Internet and Signs.  Then print advertising, such as newspaper ads & home magazines are at the bottom of the list, while Open Houses did not even rank on the list.


As we constantly review & evaluate our marketing strategies on a daily basis, we use the above statistics as the most important source for developing our marketing plan. 


With today’s consumers spending more and more time, keeping up with the fast-paced world of technology, along with their growing interest in a “Green” world, we believe it’s critical to relate to the consumers of today.


Since the numbers tell the tale, INTERNET MARKETING is our top priority! While print marketing continues to lose with consumers, we are also making adjustments as we move forward.  Our style of print marketing has shifted to a focus on being different and standing out! You won’t find us following the same style of the others, displaying little box pictures of a home in the homes magazine, just because that’s what everyone else does.  We use a graphic artist to design an eye-catching full page ad, with the intent of the ad to bring the buyer to us and/or our website. This provides us with the best opportunity to capture the buyer and bring them directly to your home or our site for a tour of your property.


We all have the same goal, so let’s work together to beat the competition and get your property sold first!

Posted: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 3:11 PM by Jeff and Paulia Kennedy ~


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