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Hot Springs Summer Market Update

You may have heard the rumor that the new "Cap and Trade" Climate change bill in Congress requires a homeowner to license their home prior to selling it.

The truth is, there is no requirement in the law to license a home before it can be sold. In addition, there is not a requirement to make a home more energy efficient before it can be sold.

Want Proof? Here you go...

On a more personal note, our local real estate market is doing fairly well, and the most recent statistics indicate a stabilized market in Hot Springs.  The total number of home sales for last month (102) was very close to the previous month of April (106).  In addition, the inventory level was also about the same as the previous month, and for the first time this year - that inventory number (number of homes on the market) did not increase significantly.  For the full details, click here for the monthly market update.
Hope you are having a great time this summer and looking forward to the 4th of July.  We'll continue to keep in touch.
Posted: Friday, June 25, 2010 1:10 PM by Jeff and Paulia Kennedy ~


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