All About Garland County


 Garland County was formed on April 5, 1873, and named for Augustus H. Garland, Governor of Arkansas, U.S. senator, and Grover Cleveland's attorney general.  Recreation and tourism have always been mainstays of the county's economy, along with livestock production and logging in its plentiful forests to create a stable industrial base. The county's Enterprise Zone program makes businesses eligible for tax breaks and credit for creating new jobs.Garland County has a population around 98,000, and consists of several small cities, with Hot Springs being the County Seat.

 Hot Springs . . . "America's First Resort", is a beautiful place to call home.  The community is nestled in rolling forested hills with clear blue lakes all around, one even spreading inside the city limits.  Hot Springs' living is affordable, with the average price of a new home below the national average.  The cost of living, also, is less than the national average.  Big-city amenities add to the list of reasons why so many choose to live in Hot Springs.  Hot Springs and Arkansas enjoy the Number One business climate in the South, according to Southern Business and Development magazine.  Its population is around 37,000. 


A Little Bit of Country . . . and a Little Bit of City
. . . Garland County is full of variety for all types

      The North & Northeast section of the Garland County area consists more of older, historical buildings and homes . . . very nostalgic.  This area enjoys the convenience to the popular downtown area, which is filled with art galleries, unique boutiques, bathhouses, and many tourists attractions.  The popular Magic Springs Theme park is also conveniently located in this area. 

      The South section of Garland County (often referred to as the "7 South" area) is experiencing a lot of growth, with new development continuously going on.  We are seeing new businesses, new restaurants, new housing, and you name it . . . everyone seems to be flocking here.  This is great news for current property owners, as their property values are continuously increasing here . . . but creating a little "sticker shock" for buyers, who "remember when". . . .  The area seems to attract a lot of Second Home Owners & Vacation Home Owners, with its convenience to Lake Hamilton, and all the new shopping, and dining. 

   The Southwest section of Garland County (often referred to as the "70 West" area) is another area that is experiencing some growth. Yet, there is still a lot of rural area there as you go further west, which attracts a lot of people who enjoy more of a country feel.  Along with the growth there and improvements in the highway, this area also enjoys the convenience to the comforts of the city.  The growth is also good news for property owners in this area too, with increased property values.


The Northwest section of Garland County (often referred to as the "270 West" area) consists of many horse and cattle farms, rural housing, and a few small businesses.  If you enjoy "joy riding" thru the hills, and seeing the beautiful colors of the trees in the fall . . . this is the perfect area.  You will also start to see all the campgrounds, country stores, and resorts that surround the beautiful Lake Ouachita, as you continue Northwest along this highway.  And while you'll there, don't miss our favorite little country store & meat market on the right . . . Burl's Country Smokehouse . . . they have some of the best smoked meats in the area!!