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Hot Springs is located just southwest of the geographic center of Arkansas.  It is an hour's drive from Little Rock, Arkansas' capital city.  Transportation to Hot Springs is convenient, with a full range of ground service including Hot Springs' Intracity Transit System, a major bus line and ten motor freight carriers.  Air Transportation includes one commercial airline along with charter and rental services.  Convenient shuttle service is available to the Little Rock National Airport.  By rail, Hot Springs has service to Amtrak passenger stations in nearby Malvern and Little Rock.  Amtrak's Texas Eagle Superliner services the Malvern and Little Rock stations.

Because of its central location, Hot Springs provides a valuable transportation advantage.  Halfway between Canada and Mexico, the Carolinas and California, Arkansas is only a tank of gas away from one-third of the nation's population.  A billion-dollar program to improve approximately 380 miles of interstate highways in Arkansas is nearing completion.