Hot Springs Arkansas Real Estate Expertise

 With a business based primarily on referrals and repeat clients, our team believed that a "boutique-type" firm such as 1st Choice Realty would be the perfect fit for our style of business with its personalized style of practice.  At 1st Choice Realty, we prefer to "Make a customer, not just a sale".

 As the real estate industry has become very fragile over the last few years, we discovered that our clients were seeking more personalized service with their many different needs that came about from the changes in the industry. Buyers are now faced with many more challenges in obtaining loans - which in turn requires more hands-on guidance and help from their Realtor.  Sellers need more direct attention and guidance with pricing strategies, staging, home improvements, and continuous information about the market conditions throughout the listing period.  Clients want to know that the whole firm is working for them.... and you can find all of that here at 1st Choice Realty.

 With the boutique-style firm at 1st Choice Realty, here's the difference you will see:

  • No "supermarket" style of practice with sales agents scrambling to win against each other ... instead you'll experience a specialized "boutique" style with professionals working together offering first-class service.
  • No "Fill the Candy Store" thinking here - where agents take your listing at any price to "fill the candy store" to attract business for their gain and not yours.
  • A philosophy of "Your listings, your leads" which means that the leads that come into the office for your home will go directly to your listing agent instead of the floor duty agent.  After all, your listing agent is the agent who is most knowledgeable about your home and will have the best chance at selling your home. 
  • An office filled with real practitioners in the real estate industry, who understand the needs of investors.  Together, the Realtors of 1st Choice Realty own over a hundred investment properties of all types, i.e. residential single family homes, vacation condos, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, etc.
  • Warm office environment with large private individual sales offices, conveniently located for your convenience with plenty of parking available. 
  • Leaders promoting "entrepreneurship" among the Agents of the firm, with a support and encouragement of advanced education in the industry as well as support and promotion of Independent Professionals.
  • Close-knit group of top producers in the industry, with majority ranking in the top 15% in sales volume in the local market.
  • Professionals with advanced knowledge and education in marketing skills and techniques.
  • The highest percentage of list price to sales price for the firm's listings as compared to other local real estate firms.

1st Choice Realty has established an unrivaled customer service experience.  If you're in the area, we welcome you to drop by to see us anytime at 135 Mall, Hot Springs, Arkansas.