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Trend Setting in Hot Springs with CARMLS....

 ..... Will the other Firms Copy Us?

Back in April of this year, we announced the news about our added service with First Choice Realty offering a huge benefit for our sellers!  In case you missed it, we thought we would re-post the news.  We're still so excited about this added benefit for our clients now with First Choice Realty!!!

First Choice Realty has joined “CARMLS” – the Cooperative Arkansas Realtors Multiple Listing Service.  You’re probably wondering “what does that mean to me”?  It means that we have have broadened our marketing plan for our sellers by increasing the exposure to our sellers’ properties by at least 10 times thru this system.  This gives our sellers a huge advantage over the competition homes on the market that are listed with other firms in the area.  Our sellers’ properties will now be marketed to about 3,500 Realtors throughout the state of Arkansas versus only about 350 Realtors in the city of Hot Springs with our Hot Springs MLS.  Then if you think about how many clients each Realtor has, we may have actually increased the marketing of our sellers’ properties by much more than 10 times!

In keeping with the philosophy of placing our clients first, First Choice Realty realizes that limiting the marketing services for our sellers’ properties to only the Hot Springs Realtors thru the Hot Springs MLS is a trend of the past.  In 2009, the Hot Springs MLS data reported that almost $13 million in residential sales in the Hot Springs area were sold by “non-mls residents” – or Realtors who hold Arkansas real estate licenses and are not members of the Hot Springs MLS.

While CARMLS has been a hot topic among the Hot Springs Realtors recently, we have found that many of the other real estate firms in the area have mixed feelings opposing it.  Our beliefs lean strongly in favor of CARMLS, as we believe it is a huge benefit for our clients.  In fact, we felt so strongly in favor that it was a key factor which prompted our recent move to First Choice Realty.

In addition, you will now be able to list property in another area of Arkansas with us at First Choice Realty and we will be able to market your property to the full state of Arkansas, and the same goes for purchasing homes in other areas of the state.



We’re really excited about this new service for our clients.  If you are thinking about selling your home and would like to know more, we would be glad to visit with you and share all the details.


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